Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SHE'S here!!

so when we last spoke i was planning to go in to be induced. yeah, that happened about 6 wks ago. and that day is quite a long story, but i'll start by saying that it ended with a perfectly perfect baby GIRL that we fondly call hadley estelle. yes, a girl. God, help my sweet husband who is officially in estrogen overload around here.
so hadley's birth story goes a little something like this (get your popcorn and get ready to be reading for a while)....we arrived at the hospital at approximately 6:30 am on thursday, may 17th. i was both excited and nervous. and sleepy. after about an hour we finally got going. had to get through the changing of the clothes, paperwork, and getting hooked up to everything. my dr. came in at about 8ish and broke my water, then the nurse started the pitocin. and we were off to the races.
close to 11 i was feeling the pain and told the nurse to get the epidural doc on the way. she left the room and came back a few minutes later to tell me that after speaking to the anaesthesiologist they've deteremined i cannot have an epidural b/c my platelet count is too low and my blood may not clot. uhhh, SAY WHAT?! i immediately think how can we stop this labor and go back home. it was a surreal feeling to be in the middle of labor with my pain getting worse, and then to have the nurse look at me and tell me that she can do nothing to help me. surreal b/c i NEVER thought i'd be in that position. so here i am begging this nice lady to please help me. tears streaming down my face and contractions coming like crazy. she says they can draw some more blood to see if my platelet count has come any closer to what it needs to be b/c the doc says he'll do it if the count seems to be going up. fast forward about 20 platelet count is even lower. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. now i know fo sho that i will not be getting an epidural. there is no freakin way! cut to kobby over there looking like a deer in the headlights. he had never seen me in such pain writhing around. to be fair, the nurse did offer me demerol, but was very honest about the fact that it would just make me sleepy and wouldn't help the pain. thanks. so i was sleepy, loopy (from the demerol), and in excrutiating pain. yea!
so, we were in it and there was no going back. the pitocin is being pumped in more and more, and b/c i'm now crazy from the pain, in my mind i'm trying to figure out a way for me not to have to push the baby out and feel the whole thing. at 1:50 it was time to start pushing. all sorts of bodily fluids came out during this time. it was disgusting. sorry if i just disgusted you also. the screams that came out of me were like something out of a national geographic documentary. i'm pretty sure the whole hospital heard me. and i say these things with all seriousness. i was so loud. at one point when my doctor was telling me that her head was right there and to push, i told her to just pull her out cuz i couldn't push anymore. obviously i was deranged.
alas, i pushed this sweet thing out at 2:04 pm and i'll be darned if it wasn't a baby girl. there was a moment of "are you kidding me?" immediately followed by pure love. she's gorgeous. here are some pics. i'll tell you all about her in a later post. right now just look at how pretty she is. i'm not exaggerating. she is the prettiest baby i've ever had. at birth i mean. enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

it's time!!!

so this post will be pretty wordy just for update purposes. maybe i'll throw a few pics in just to liven things up :)

this pregnancy has been like no other in that i have been so sore and tired and achy (sp?) and miserable. so needless to say, i am ready to unload this baby. i've been doing a little bit of everything over the past week. nipple stimulation, walking, squats, black cohosh, spicy food, etc. it has done nothing more than make me sore from the dang squats. fabulous! more soreness. i really want nothing more than to go into labor on my own and just have this baby and i thought that would happen with the way things have been progressing with me, but apparently that aint happening in a time frame that i'm happy with. my dr.'s appt last week she told me i could schedule an induction for this wk. i told her i wanted to see how things went over the weekend and then i'd let her know. my appt. was thursday. i called back on friday to schedule the induction. yeah, it didn't take me long to make that decision. so i got a call back today from their office to tell me i am on the schedule for thursday at 6:30 am. yep, i will be a mother of 3 on thursday. CARAZZY!!!

i still can't get over it. i am living such a blessed life. i have to pinch myself sometimes. i have 2 amazing, healthy, happy, funny, and beautiful girls, a husband that loves God more than he loves me and he loves me like crazy, a great home, and some amazing friends. my cup runneth over. and now i get to welcome another little munchkin into our lives. i could not be happier, but i must admit i'm getting a little nervous about the labor. weird i know, since i've done this twice before. i'm really excited, but nervous too. a good nervous. the girls, especially finley, are super excited. and i can't wait to see her with this baby. she's going to be awesome! but, i'll have to watch miss landry. you never know what she has up her sleeve.

i'll leave you with a few pictures from my baby shower given by my bestie and another good friend that loves me. and yes, i'm wearing the same shirt that i wore for my maternity pictures. don't judge me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

32 wks.....and a bunch of days

so i'm almost 33 wks, but i feel like i've been pregnant forEVER! oh, and here's a warning-this post will have a lot of stuff in it b/c i want to have some stuff documented for my own memory. feel free to stop reading at any time.

this pregnancy has been unlike any other. i am feeling every bit of it every day. my back, my legs, my feet, my nipples, my crotch, and i can feel this baby ALL over. i literally feel like baby (peanut) is tickling my inner thigh and the top of my vagina. tmi? sorry. just keeping it real folks.
but even with all the aches and pains i am so thankful that God has given us this blessing. this baby is so wanted and loved and we are all so anxious to meet our new addition. this will likely be our last child so we are just taking it all in. as my belly grows my girls are getting more and more excited. they love touching and kissing my belly and i know they are going to be a big help. especially finley. she was born to be a big sister.

i love feeling this baby move around inside of me. that is what i missed the most before i got pregnant again and that is what i will miss the most once this baby is out. there is nothing like it. i always tell kobby that i really wish he could experience this. of course, he says no thanks. :)
speaking of kobby, he has been FANTASTIC during this pregnancy. i mean, really amazing. since i have been not feeling so well, he has basically stepped in wherever i need him with no complaints. i completely gave up bathing the girls about 7 or 8 wks ago and he's not complained once. he comes home from a long day at work, working out, etc. and goes upstairs and does his thing. he also puts them to bed most nights. climbing those stairs is sometimes what i think climbing mt. everest must be like. it's rough people! anyway, big shout out to my man!

last week we took maternity/family pics so i'll leave you with a little vision of my cute family.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

so many things to talk about.....

yes i have been away for quite some time, but i've been quite busy! here's what (a la andy cohen):

-i moved into my house in november of last year and i could not be happier here. it was rough living at my momma's. i don't want to sound ungrateful b/c we are so thankful to have some place to go after we sold our house, but emotionally it was hard. anyway, our house is amazing and it is more than i could have ever asked for. we are really happy here.

-also....we are expecting baby #3! yippee! such a blessing for our family. we found out while we were living at my parents, so i'm sure my emotional state at that time contributed to wanting to change our living situation asap. so the fall of 2011 i was a hot mess people! moving out of my house and moving into my parents house, the girls school started (different schools), both kids birthdays, first trimester sickies, and moving into the new place. i get stressed just thinking about all that stuff again.

-so, we are not finding out the sex of this baby. we figure we REALLY want a boy, so to eliminate any disappointment if its a girl we've decided to wait until i push this little peanut out to see what's cooking in here. i mean, who could be disappointed at that point? it's a baby! honestly, we are so thankful that God has seen fit to bless us with another kid that we will be happy either way.

well, that's what's been going on in the warren household. more baby stuff tomorrow. i didn't want to overdo it today. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i'm baaaaaack!

it seems that i've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but i'm back because i have some very important things going on that i want to make sure i document. soooo, i'll be back tomorrow with lots of pics and news. i know you'll be waiting with baited breath :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

yea erin!

last week i got this baby in the mail....

my brand spanking new 2012 erin condren planner! i'm really excited! i love a good planner. while i've been using cozi, which also has an app for my phone, its been great but i really miss having an actual planner in my hand. when i discovered erin condren (thanks blog world) i fell in love with the color and personalization of their planners. i'm really happy with it and i can't wait to start using it. Lord knows my life could use some serious organization at this point. ha!

Friday, August 12, 2011

book club friday

i'm linking up today for another edition of book club friday. a couple of weeks ago i reviewed my best friends girl by dorothy koomson. i really loved this book. so much that right after i read it i went out and bought another book by this author.....

i loved this one too. i read both of these a little over a year ago, so it may even be time for me to read them again. here is the synopsis according to

Kendra Tamale is looking for a fresh start and a simple life when she rents a room from Kyle Gadsborough. But against her better judgment Kendra soon finds herself drawn into her new landlord’s household: a young father in way over his head, a beautiful mother out the door, and six-year-old twins, Summer and Jaxon, with hearts full of hurt. Kendra has plenty of issues of her own, but this family seems to need her so desperately that she’s soon falling in love—with Summer’s constant chatter, Jaxon’s soulful eyes, and the sugar-laden Saturday breakfasts she invents. But when a secret from Kendra’s past resurfaces and the children are taken away by their mother, the only way to fix things is to confess to the terrible mistake she made many years ago—and the choice she makes now could break more than one person’s heart.

a great read if you want to read something quick and not too intense. right now i'm reading salem falls by jodi picoult. pretty intense. i'll share that soon. i'm super busy right now so i'm not too sure when i'll finish it.

go link up and share what you're reading and have a great weekend blog world!