Sunday, October 17, 2010


today my oldest baby turned 5. a sad, but wonderful day. sad because i know before long she won't need me anymore, but wonderful because she is becoming such an amazing little girl. year 4 was a very trying year for us with finley. she has really been going through growing pains and we have really been going through them with her. aside from all of that she still makes me smile on a daily basis. what can i say about my kid. she is outgoing, polite, sweet, she loves God, caring, smart, curious, loving, and funny.
finley has brought so much to our family and has made us all better. i believe God gave her to me to help me grow and make me a better person. i believe that is what all of the challenges are for and i am so thankful. fin requires a lot of me, which in turn requires a lot of patience on my part so i am slowly learning. she definitely keeps me on my toes.
things that fin is loving these days....spending time w/ her momma, reading, shoes, hummus, dancing, making up songs, rollercoasters, her little sister, waffles, nick jr., playing dress up, writing, taking pictures, and most things girly.
i thank God for this girl every single day. she is my little buddy that i just couldn't see myself going through this life without her. i am madly in love w/ her.