Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Little Fishies

this week brought an end to the angst that was swim class. finley had a bad start and never really got her groove, so their were lots of tears. i know she can do it, but she has this terrible fear that she cannot overcome. pray for my girl please!

now let's talk landry. we might as well call her michaela phelps. she did amazing and by the end of the class she didn't want mamma touching her while swimming. she just wanted to be on her own and show everyone how its done. i'm a proud mama!

Backyard Fun

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Fun New Discovery

the week we left for mexico i discovered this great indoor park to take the kids. the indoor safari park in southlake will be a lifesaver for us this summer.

i pay $10 and my kids can play on anything they have all day long and everything is kid friendly and safe so all i have to do is sit there with a good book and relax....except for the occasional "mom, look at me!"

some time soon i will be awakened at 7:30 with "mommy, what are we doing today?" and we will head right on over to the safari park. LOVE IT!

Fun Times in Mexico!

kobby and i reecently returned from our much anticipated and needed trip to cancun for my brother's wedding.

after these past couple of months with kobby's surgery, food poisoning, and the kids driving us nuts we were so happy to just get away and be together. to do nothing. and eat LOTS of food.

the wedding was an amazing tribute to God and it was great to meet my brother's wife for the first time. the resort was also beautiful and i'm so glad we got to stay there. overall, the trip was really good and we are left feeling rejuvenated.