Monday, February 7, 2011

Double Date

So, my bestie and decided to plan a double date a couple of weeks ago. The decision- the gun range and dinner. Why oh why did I agree to, and even suggest this? Oh now I remember.....I was trying to be a cool wife.
I hated it! Lovd being with peeps I love, but hated shooting the gun. After shooting off a full clip (i was actually very good) i was done with this shooting thing. It totally freaked me out! At least I can say I've shot a .40 cal. And Sumer (my sweet best friend) and I got some pretty bada$$ charlies angels pics. And best of all, my husband looked really hot shooting his guns..hehe!
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Imma Makin A Change...

so, i hate working out. and i hate waking up early. i'm about to combine 2 of my "hates". i desperately want to lose some weight, but i just can't find the right time to work out these days. so, i have decided to make a change in my daily routine. i'm going to get up before everyone in the house about 4 days a wk. and go to the gym. well, that's the plan anyway. not really sure what will really happen once 6 am comes a calling. i'm also going to eat breakfast before i leave for the gym. i usually don't eat breakfast either....especially not that early. i've heard that you should have a little something in your belly to burn off while working out. if i'm wrong about that, someone please tell me. wo here goes. wish me luck!