Monday, May 14, 2012

it's time!!!

so this post will be pretty wordy just for update purposes. maybe i'll throw a few pics in just to liven things up :)

this pregnancy has been like no other in that i have been so sore and tired and achy (sp?) and miserable. so needless to say, i am ready to unload this baby. i've been doing a little bit of everything over the past week. nipple stimulation, walking, squats, black cohosh, spicy food, etc. it has done nothing more than make me sore from the dang squats. fabulous! more soreness. i really want nothing more than to go into labor on my own and just have this baby and i thought that would happen with the way things have been progressing with me, but apparently that aint happening in a time frame that i'm happy with. my dr.'s appt last week she told me i could schedule an induction for this wk. i told her i wanted to see how things went over the weekend and then i'd let her know. my appt. was thursday. i called back on friday to schedule the induction. yeah, it didn't take me long to make that decision. so i got a call back today from their office to tell me i am on the schedule for thursday at 6:30 am. yep, i will be a mother of 3 on thursday. CARAZZY!!!

i still can't get over it. i am living such a blessed life. i have to pinch myself sometimes. i have 2 amazing, healthy, happy, funny, and beautiful girls, a husband that loves God more than he loves me and he loves me like crazy, a great home, and some amazing friends. my cup runneth over. and now i get to welcome another little munchkin into our lives. i could not be happier, but i must admit i'm getting a little nervous about the labor. weird i know, since i've done this twice before. i'm really excited, but nervous too. a good nervous. the girls, especially finley, are super excited. and i can't wait to see her with this baby. she's going to be awesome! but, i'll have to watch miss landry. you never know what she has up her sleeve.

i'll leave you with a few pictures from my baby shower given by my bestie and another good friend that loves me. and yes, i'm wearing the same shirt that i wore for my maternity pictures. don't judge me.