Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SHE'S here!!

so when we last spoke i was planning to go in to be induced. yeah, that happened about 6 wks ago. and that day is quite a long story, but i'll start by saying that it ended with a perfectly perfect baby GIRL that we fondly call hadley estelle. yes, a girl. God, help my sweet husband who is officially in estrogen overload around here.
so hadley's birth story goes a little something like this (get your popcorn and get ready to be reading for a while)....we arrived at the hospital at approximately 6:30 am on thursday, may 17th. i was both excited and nervous. and sleepy. after about an hour we finally got going. had to get through the changing of the clothes, paperwork, and getting hooked up to everything. my dr. came in at about 8ish and broke my water, then the nurse started the pitocin. and we were off to the races.
close to 11 i was feeling the pain and told the nurse to get the epidural doc on the way. she left the room and came back a few minutes later to tell me that after speaking to the anaesthesiologist they've deteremined i cannot have an epidural b/c my platelet count is too low and my blood may not clot. uhhh, SAY WHAT?! i immediately think how can we stop this labor and go back home. it was a surreal feeling to be in the middle of labor with my pain getting worse, and then to have the nurse look at me and tell me that she can do nothing to help me. surreal b/c i NEVER thought i'd be in that position. so here i am begging this nice lady to please help me. tears streaming down my face and contractions coming like crazy. she says they can draw some more blood to see if my platelet count has come any closer to what it needs to be b/c the doc says he'll do it if the count seems to be going up. fast forward about 20 platelet count is even lower. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. now i know fo sho that i will not be getting an epidural. there is no freakin way! cut to kobby over there looking like a deer in the headlights. he had never seen me in such pain writhing around. to be fair, the nurse did offer me demerol, but was very honest about the fact that it would just make me sleepy and wouldn't help the pain. thanks. so i was sleepy, loopy (from the demerol), and in excrutiating pain. yea!
so, we were in it and there was no going back. the pitocin is being pumped in more and more, and b/c i'm now crazy from the pain, in my mind i'm trying to figure out a way for me not to have to push the baby out and feel the whole thing. at 1:50 it was time to start pushing. all sorts of bodily fluids came out during this time. it was disgusting. sorry if i just disgusted you also. the screams that came out of me were like something out of a national geographic documentary. i'm pretty sure the whole hospital heard me. and i say these things with all seriousness. i was so loud. at one point when my doctor was telling me that her head was right there and to push, i told her to just pull her out cuz i couldn't push anymore. obviously i was deranged.
alas, i pushed this sweet thing out at 2:04 pm and i'll be darned if it wasn't a baby girl. there was a moment of "are you kidding me?" immediately followed by pure love. she's gorgeous. here are some pics. i'll tell you all about her in a later post. right now just look at how pretty she is. i'm not exaggerating. she is the prettiest baby i've ever had. at birth i mean. enjoy!