Sunday, February 6, 2011

Imma Makin A Change...

so, i hate working out. and i hate waking up early. i'm about to combine 2 of my "hates". i desperately want to lose some weight, but i just can't find the right time to work out these days. so, i have decided to make a change in my daily routine. i'm going to get up before everyone in the house about 4 days a wk. and go to the gym. well, that's the plan anyway. not really sure what will really happen once 6 am comes a calling. i'm also going to eat breakfast before i leave for the gym. i usually don't eat breakfast either....especially not that early. i've heard that you should have a little something in your belly to burn off while working out. if i'm wrong about that, someone please tell me. wo here goes. wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Eat a banana or another peice of fruit before you go. Then, get your grains and fat in afterward. You actually burn more if you eat right after you've worked out since your heart rate is still fairly least that's what I've always heard.