Wednesday, August 10, 2011

miss me??

i know i've been a bad blogger and i haven't posted in a while. to say i've been busy does not even begin to describe my life right now, but that is for another post. today i'm talking about my baby girl's first day of school.
yes, she has been in montessori for 2 yrs now, but for some reason this is really hitting me hard. maybe its because she is looking like such a big girl. and that uniform? don't even get me started! it is so cute ya'll! she is loves school and she loved getting ready this morning and she loved that granny, sister, and daddy also came to see her on her first day at her new school. we are so blessed to be able to send her to an amazing christian school for at least this year. that tuition gets pretty steep the older they get. so, here's a photo dump of my sweet girls morning. enjoy!!

i am so excited about this season of our lives. lots of newness going on around here and i am so thankful to God for all the blessings that he has granted in our family. we are so blessed, but it has not come without a ton of stress and anxiety on my end, but again i will leave all that jibberish for another post. this post is just for my sweet, cute, mischevious girl. my heart is overflowing with love for her. every time.

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