Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Man

i have to write a post about my amazing, sweet husband. i have been sick since sunday night, so kobby has been on super dad duty and this morning he really outdid himself. he got the girls up and fed them breakfast (which he usually does anyway), and he also got out their clothes, brushed their teeth, got them dressed, did their hair, then took fin to school. it's not landry's day to go to school, but kobby took her with them just to give me more time to rest before having to get up and start the day. i so needed that. so, after all of that stuff he did, he finally went off to work to provide for us. he is so freakin great!!! i love him so! i am so blessed that God chose him for me and my girls. they have no idea how blessed they are to have him as their daddy, but they will soon enough. landry, in particular, really had a great time hanging with her daddy this morning and all they did was go to the car wash after dropping finley off at school. she adores that man and always wants to be with him. me too.

p.s....i went in my closet this morning to find that he had organized my shoes that have been laying in piles in my closet for months now. i am so thankful for him.

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