Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so what! wednesday

today i'm linking up with shannon over at life after i dew for so what wednesday. yea!!

today i'm saying SO WHAT if....

 it just occured to me that i haven't showered today (i have since showered since beginning this post at 4pm)

 i really need to have a coke every day in order to function normally

 95% of our dvr is filled with complete trash that only i watch. so much is on there that it starts erasing things randomly every day

 i put so much money on our gap card in the last couple of months that they sent us a $40 off coupon in our statement! $40??!! i didn't even know those existed. needless to say, i am completely grounded from the gap for a while.

 i have a major addiction to barnes and noble. i have more books right now than i know what to do with. ahhh, heaven. i just like looking at them.

 i really don't get anything done around here until after noon. i just function better then.

 i'm volunteering at a concert at church on friday night because i get in free. what can i say? i heart jimmy needham

what are you saying so what to??

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