Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend recap

we had a really great weekend filled with fun and family. what could be better?

so friday night kobby and the girls went off to their last daddy/daughter dance rehearsal while i headed over to my crafty friend's house to bling out the girls daddy/daughter dance shirts.

then saturday morning our crazy schedule began. i had to have landry at the metrocenter for full on dress rehearsal at 8:30 am. thank you Jesus for my momma. she had landry for the night and got up with her to do her hair and make up because as many of you know, i don't wear a stitch of make up so i darn sure don't know how to apply it. i met my mom up there to retrieve my little beauty

finley had her last t-ball game at that same time that her daddy was to take her to....he decided not to take her (that's another post for another time) and i was not happy about it. at all. moving on, finley had to be at her dress rehearsal at 10:30 am, then kobby, finley, and landry had to be at their daddy/daughter dress rehearsal at 12:30.

if you're wondering what this daddy/daughter thing is, it is the end of recital performance that they do every year with all the dads and their daughters. it is so great! they have a few rehearsals before the actual day and the whole thing is a secret from the moms so the surprise is so cool. and i just love seeing my man up there with his babies rocking it out.

so then we had to be at the actual recital around 4:30. after all of the dances, costume changes, and running back and forth, we were finally able to get out of there at around 8:30. the girls were so cute and i'm so proud of them! we went to dinner with the fam and then the girls went home with my mom. none of this could've happened as well as it did without the help of my mom and mil. they were both so helpful the entire day.

kobby and i went to church on sunday, drove by to see the house (sorry no pics, but we have windows!), then picked up the kiddos. after their nap we went outside to hang for a while with the pups. kobby grilled steaks and some chicken for the week, we had dinner, bathed the girls, then we were all in bed. sufficiently WIPED OUT. such a tiring weekend, but so great. enjoy the photos!

hope y'all's weekend was great!


  1. I love your girls pretty!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful family.

    The "little ones" look just precious in their dance costumes. Darling, darling, darling!

    Glad you joined the swap! :)

    Happy to be your newest follower!