Monday, July 11, 2011

moving right along....

yep. you see correctly. this here house is just about done. it is completely bricked. all of the lighting is in, the molding is done, the hardware is on. i took these pics last week. since then, that floor you see has now been stained, in the backyard the retaining wall has been constructed and that patio extension has been poured. this week another coat of stain on the floors and carpet is going in. this is exciting right? yes and no. you see......we still haven't sold our house!!! i am getting so nervous. our new place will be done by the end of this month, so we are praying every day that we get an offer on our current place. all prayers accepted :)


  1. I'm loving watching your house come together! You guys will be there in no time!!

  2. It looks Awesome! Can't believe it is so close to being done. PRAYING for your house to sell!!

  3. thank you ladies! we are loving the house as well. hopefully it won't be long now!