Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy belated 4th!!!

we had such an amazing weekend filled with fun, fun, fun!
friday night i went to my book club meeting where we discussed this book. hated it. saturday was basketball games for the girls, then kobby and i met some friends out for steaks. YUM! sunday was church, where we honored members of our armed forces, then off to see our house....again! i'll save that for another post :) sunday afternoon we went to my parents house for dinner and swimming.
then monday, we had our busiest, but funnest (is that a word?) day! i will post all of my pics (and there are a ton) at the end of my post, so stay tuned.....
we started off the day early by going to support kobby in his very first 5k!!! we were so proud of our husband/daddy. he ran the race with my bestie , sumer and her husband. she signed him up for it and has been encouraging him in his running because that is what she does. you may be asking yourself, how is it that this chick (me) has a best friend that is an in shape runner athlete type person when she is such a lazy a#*? God only knows. but she's my girl and has been for over 20 yrs now. anyhoo....the 5k was great, then we went home, refueled and went over to sumer's parent's for swimming, food, and fun.
our girls are really close and they all love to swim so we have been doing a lot of it this summer. her family is like my family so we always have a great time. we stayed there all day long and it was SO much fun for the kids and for kobby and i.
overall it was a great day. we were so tired and couldn't even stay awake for fireworks, but no biggie. we had a blast! i hope your 4th was awesome too. God bless america and our troops! now here's my photo dump. enjoy!

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