Sunday, April 10, 2011

battle averted

so finley and i battle almost every morning about what she will wear to school and lately i've decided that i'm being a little too rigid about this. my way is to go into her room, get out the clothes she will wear for the day, and tell her to get dressed. well, her being the spirited child that she is, is sooooo not ok with that and lets me know it very loudly EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. like she is throwing herself on the floor screaming and crying. she also fancies herself a bit of a fashionista and likes to put her own outfits together. i'm not one of those moms that will just let her dress herself from head to toe and not say a word about how much of a hot mess she looks like, but i have decided i'm willing to work "with" her to decide on her weekly outfits. so that's what we did tonight....
we picked out something we both liked for each day of the week

and landry just could not be outdone so we had to pick out her clothes for the week also. now, landry is far less intense than fin and she doesn't really care too much what she wears, but if mom is picking out sisters clothes then i have to do hers too.

so, another battle with my strong willed girl has been averted. not to worry i know there will be many more to come because this girl? she keeps me on my toes!


  1. Great idea!! Anything to make mornings easier is a good thing!!