Friday, April 15, 2011

SUYL-What are you reading?

today i'm linking up with kelly at kelly's korner for Show Us Your Life-What is your reading list?

reading is a true joy of mine. i love it more than most things and i really don't know what i'd do without books. sometimes my friend nikki and i will go to dinner and have the rest of our "date" at barnes and noble just walking and talking about all of the books.

i love the smell of books. the feel of books. i love bookmarks. i really have no desire to get an e-reader because i just love books.

i'm like kelly in that i like just plain old fiction books. fiction books about relationships of all kinds. i don't like any of that vampire stuff either. no sci fi or period books either. present day stuff works just fine for me

i have a ton of books right now and i'm pretty sure i'd get in big trouble (w/ the husband) if i dare purchase any more right now. there are a few that are on my radar right now and i hope to have them all read by the end of the year.

i'm in a book club and we've already read a few good ones this year.

this was a good, fun read

we also read....

i really enjoyed this book and it didn't take me very long to read it because it kept me interested.

and this month we are reading...

its a little slow to start off, but i'm not giving up on it just yet.

i have big plans to read these:

i love most all things jodi picoult. i think she is an amazing writer and she's always surprising.

not so sure we are going to keep this one on our list becaue it isn't getting good reviews and i really put a lot of stock into others opinions of books. we'll see.

i love to see people excited and crunk about Christ! i try every day to be more obedient and follow God's Word and i so look forward to reading this book. oh, and i love the shirts they have too :)

i've just started reading stuff by this author and so far so good.

so that's what i'm reading. what's going on in your library?


  1. I hear ya on the e-readers etc... My hubby bought me the Kindle right after it came out and Oprah was talking about it. However I was not impressed! To be honest haven't used the thing in over a year. There is just something about a book, turning the pages etc....

  2. Love the book choices! I am always looking for interesting new stuff!

  3. I love Kristin Hannah! She writes great books! :)Erin

    I love your blog! I am following you!