Thursday, April 14, 2011

the jiggle challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

i've decided to link up with mrs. smith over at mr. and mrs. smith for the 6 wk weight loss challenge. yes, it is the 2nd week, but better late than never.

i'd love to lose a minimum of 15 lbs, but i'd be ecstatic with 20. the problem is my eating habits. and then there's the coke. i think i'm addicted. i'm talking about the cola, not the white powder.

so i love fast food, i'm a coke addict, and oh yeah....i hate working out. i hate working out, but i've resigned myself to doing it. i've really been trying and succeeding at doing a whole lot better with my workout routine and my husband has been really helpful with this. he has joined the gym with me and we take spin and boot camp class together.

you see, me and the gym don't get along so well. i've been on and off with it for about 5 yrs now. i'll get a membership, go for a while, then quit. i mean, get the cute workout clothes and everything. but this time? this time i've really stuck with it and i'm even looking for a 5k for the hubs and i to run together.

i don't usually weigh myself for obvious reasons so this will be a new thing for me. scary really. i didn't even look at the scale when i went to my weekly ob check ups.

my plan for losing the weight is portion control and working out since i don't want to give up the coke or fast food, if i'm being honest.

i'm really excited to be linked up and i can't wait to see everyone's progress!


  1. Thanks for linking up! :)

    The trick to working out is to find something you love. I thought I hated to run, but now that I've gotten better at it and do it more often, I LOVE it! Good luck!!

  2. Good Luck! I have found that keeping a diary keeps me in check- I use myfitnesspal and it really helps track the calories and workouts- I refuse to give up chick fil a! :)