Monday, April 11, 2011

monday musings

*we made the appointment today for our preconstruction meeting, which means that construction will begin on our house next friday. YIPPEE!!!

*i got to take dinner tonight to one of my favorite couples in our connection class at church. they are the brand new parents of presley kate and she is gorgeous!! presley is such a blessing after they have experienced an unthinkable heartache with their first child. love them!

*i had such a great weekend filled with family and fun. kobby and i were able to go out to dinner on friday night, sans kids. saturday was filled with t-ball games and then dinner with my good friend nikki. sunday was church, then fellowship and lunch with my church buds at fuzzy's.

*i really need someone to blog about the teen mom 2 reunion so i can comment like crazy about it.

*why have i not received an offer on my house people?!

*i think i have an obsession with books and shopping on and continually putting books on my wish list. it is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.

*i haven't done my homework for my wednesday night grow class since it started over a month ago. i'm ashamed.

i hope your monday has been fantastic!

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