Monday, April 4, 2011

monday musings

my younger chica seems to be hitting the terrible twos with full force....she's 3 1/2people. she is screaming NOOOO!! at an alarming rate, she's been potty trained for about a year now and she's beginning to think its funny to pee on herself. me and the husband aren't the least bit amused.

this wind today is a beast, but i'm really loving this weather.

so our house has been on the market since last thursday and we've had 2 showings. that may sound good, but i want at least one showing every day. we REALLY need to sell our house like yesterday. our appraisal came in way lower than we anticipated so we already have it listed for considerably less that we want and we are going to have to come to closing with a ton of money. we are basically paying someone to buy our house. anyone, anyone?

i'm really trying to come up with an incentive/chore/allowance type system for finley. we really gotta get her attitude and values under control (if that makes sense to anyone). i just really want her to be more appreciative, not so whiney, etc. i know, she's 5...but still. she is such a great kid and i know she will love to having goals she can set for herself and achieve. i just gotta figure out which route to go with her.

i'm longing for a girls day with my bestie, sumer. mani/pedi/lunch/shopping. ahhhh!

my husband is a gem. such a gift from God. he has been super helpful to a friend of mine that really needed his help this last week. i'm so proud of him and love him to pieces. oh, and he is the best father i know, besides my Heavenly One.

in case you didn't know, we are building a house!!! i am beyond thrilled. it is exactly what i wanted. i love the location. i love the builder. i love the house. i love the schools. this move is going to be so great for our family. we just finished picking out everything for the house so we will walk the property this week sometime w/ the builder and then construction will start. you can expect frequent updates once that gets underway. :)

happy monday peeps!


  1. I'm longing for a girls day too! (hint hint)
    We have our appraisal this week. PRAY!!!! Bryan has a bad feeling...ugh.

  2. ooh girl, i will be in prayer for you guys! that appraisal can really change everything. i'll let you know about any upcoming girls day.