Wednesday, June 22, 2011

east texas goodies

last month we went to kobby's family reunion in east texas and had the best time shopping in the jeffersone general store. they had the cutest stuff.
my girls and i love us some cornbread so i was excited to find this cast iron cornbread cooker thingy. i can't wait to use it. i love cast iron.
the lunchboxes!!! i love these so much. the girls are finally going to "all day" school where they will be able to take a lunch and they are beyond thrilled to be eating lunch at school. kobby and i convinced them that these were really cute and that they loved them because initially they weren't as into them as we were. i still don't know if they are. finley had one a couple years ago and i had it personalized. it was all the rage.

now i've just got to find backpacks to match. i'm so excited and sad about this school year. my babies are growing up!

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