Wednesday, June 8, 2011

we have brick....and other fun pics

yesterday kobby came home early (because he was off work for a golf charity event) so when he got home we decided to head over to take a look at our house and i'm so glad we did because.....

the garage is completely bricked!

view from the back of the house

so after checking out the house the girls requested we go to the park. now this was after a looooong day filled with swimming so i quickly said NO. but daddy, being the awesome daddy he is, says (and i quote) "don't worry honey, you can just sit there. i'll handle the kids". i heart him. so off to the park we went.

and just for kicks here are some pics of kobby's bday this weekend. swimming with the girls.

she is such a terror so i guess it helps that she is this stinkin cute


  1. So stinkin cute your girls and cheers to your husband for watching the kids at the park!

  2. So excited to see brick on your new house!!!! And your girls are just adorable!!! :)