Monday, June 13, 2011

flip flop swap!!

i had the pleasure of participating in a flip flop swap hosted by lyryn from the amazing blog breaking through. it was so much fun! i was paired up with susan from the life of susan, who i happen to be a fan of and who happens to be related by marriage to lyryn. anywho, here are the goodies i found on my doorstep last week.

now, anyone that knows me knows how i love the gap so these are right up my alley!

and then, because she's so awesome she also hooked me up with these beauties...

i have really enjoyed this swap. susan, thank you so much for all my goods!


  1. Love the flip flops. I hosted a flip flop swap last year and it was alot of fun! have a good week.

  2. yay! so glad you liked them!

    and lyryn and i actually aren't related by marriage... well not technically anyway. lyryn and i are best friends and my sister katie married lyryn's brother declan, so katie and lyryn are no sister-in-laws and lyryn and i are still bff's. but yeah it's pretty much all family anyway. haha. so now you know the scoop. :)

    have a great week!!!!!