Tuesday, June 7, 2011

playtime foiled

Now that summer has begun I'm always trying to find a time suck. An activity to take up as much time as possible that can tire my kids out. I mean, seriously people, I'm awakened to the sweet sounds of "mom what are we doing today?".
So yesterday after swim class I decide we will have lunch at chick fil a and then they could play for a while. That whole outing should give me a good 2 hrs right?
Usually the chick fil a near my house is pretty nice and clean, but yesterday this is what we were met with when it was playtime.

Now usually I'm that mom that reports all wrongdoings in the play area. Yep, that's me. If you're 14 and 6 ft I'm telling on ya. If you're eating in there I'm telling on ya. If you're going up the slide and not down I'M TELLING! And I'm not ashamed to admit it cuz if one of those kids hurts my kid or if my kid has to walk on chewed up food there's gonna be a problem. but this is something i really could do nothing about because as far as i know there is no chick fil a rule about not being nasty.

So thanks nasty parent for ruining our playtime and forcing me to have to play outside in 100 degree heat just to make up for forcing my kids to leave chick fil a with absolutely no play. Preciate ya!

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  1. Oh man! I thought of this today when I went to CFA and the little girl in there had saggy drawers...I ended up making my kids leave the playground. I chalked it up to running errands...but deep down I was thinking of this picture I saw on FB! :) Nothin' you can do about it! ;)

  2. OK...that is nasty! Try Leapin' Lizards in NRH. It's like $8 (maybe less) for all day general admission to bounce houses galore! There's like 3 rooms. Guaranteed to tire any kid out!

  3. it was even nastier in person. we are definitely doing a couple of days at a bounce house this summer. i just bought a groupon for one in southlake a few days ago.
    and katie, i loved my goodies. thank you so much! i'll get around to blogging about it one of these days.