Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!!

this here is a post all about my sweet, sweet baby daddy.
you see, he is, in a word....amazing. THE best daddy on earth. seriously. he is unlike any father i've ever seen.
he has allowed me to stay at home with my girls so you would think i'd have to be taking on most of what goes on in the house and what's going on with the kids. nope. not even close. this man does baths every other night, he cooks dinner, he coaches most of their sports teams, he participates in anything daddy/daughter, he wakes up in the mornings with them and gets them breakfast, he helps put them to bed, and he gives me a break whenever i need it. oh, and he works his behind off to provide us with this blessed life we have. amazing huh? i told ya! and i'm sure i left some things out.

when we had girls i made it clear to him that he was to make himself their best friend and spend lots of quality time with them. we really want them to know their worth, to know God, and to know how they should be treated. he has taken on the daddy role with gusto. husband too :).
finley and landry think all daddys are like theirs, but one day they will know that he is truely something special and they are supremely blessed to have him as their own.

happy father's day boo. i hope you know what you mean to us. mwah!

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  1. what a beautiful family you have. I hope your husband had a nice Father's Day.