Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my birthday's coming..... birthday's coming up and there are a few things i've had my eye on here lately, just in case the hubby's reading :)

this is one of many camera straps i'm loving from etsy. i've really been using my camera a lot since i've sort of figured out how it works so i'd love a cute new strap for it. which brings me to my next need, i mean want.

my camera bag is the one we got when we bought the camera. a big clunky black nikon one. yukko. and ya'll know how much i love me a new bag. this is so stinkin cute and you can't even really tell that it's a camera bag.
and finally, i've been needing one of these for quite a while now.....

i mean really, who doesn't need an ipad? seriously people!! honestly though i'll be getting this beauty here (more pics to come soon) in the next couple of months so i guess it's fine if i don't get any of these other needs....;)
happy wednesday!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh the beauty your getting in a couple months is a real beauty but a few little gifts wouldn't hurt for your birthday! Love the camera strap!